Hello All!

With the European Cup now begun (flippin heck! Payet Eh!) it is time for us to say a massive thanks to each and every one of you for joining us for the past season.

Three years ago we took the plunge and decided that we weren’t happy with the Fantasy Football offerings available and began setting up Real Fantasy Football. It has been incredible to see how it has grown in that time with thousands of people from all across the globe joining our way of playing Fantasy Football. We realise that it hasn’t been all smooth sailing but the passion and commitment from you guys is what keeps us going each week and our only aim is to make your league’s experience as good as it possibly can be.

First thing’s first…. We WILL be back for the 2016/17 season and there WILL be a number of improvements to the site (we aren’t going to say what yet but keep your eyes peeled during the coming weeks). We hope that you all will be joining us for next season and wherever possible, expanding your leagues or getting friends to set up their own.

Secondly, you only have until midnight on Wednesday (15th June) to view last season’s leagues, after that we will be resetting them so that we can prepare for next season. So you’ve only got a short while to screen shot your final league positions for bragging rights / next seasons draft order. We won’t be able to go back and get any info after this for you so no whinging… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Finally we would love to hear any suggestions you guys have for improving the site, we are already working on a lot but if you have something that you feel will make a big difference then we want to hear it. The flip side of this though is that you all need to do your part, quite simply, the more people we get signed up, the more improvements we can afford, TELL YOUR FRIENDS, get them to set up leagues and then get their friends to do the same.

Again, a big thanks to you all and I cannot wait to see photos and videos from your draft nights for the 2016/17 season!

Martin and The Real FF Team




If we have any aspiring journalists out there who fancy doing a bit of writing for the site we would love to hear from you, the same goes to podcasters… get it touch