That's right football fans, the wait is over. We've been really busy in the close-season and Real Fantasy Football 2017/2018 is now open for business! Welcome to our 4th season.
The draft console is up and running. So if you haven’t already, sign up, create a league, send the league code to some friends and set a time for the hotly anticipated draft night.
Remember, you can:

  • Do the draft online (desktop, tablet or mobile) using our improved draft console. Getting together is always encouraged but you can join from home too.
  • Or if you’re busy come draft time, you can set up a priority list of players which will kick in automatically when the draft gets to your turn.
  • Alternatively, request a player list from us and stick to the tried and tested method of paper/post-it-notes to have a completely offline draft where you can easily enter the details afterwards.



As always, we've responded to feedback and on top of improving the Real Fantasy Football experience by increasing system reliability and draft console improvements, you'll also see the following:

  • A brand new 'edit squad' interface which will make life a breeze, especially on mobile devices.
  • We've also been working hard on customised scoring. This one's a gamechanger.
    • Don't like the fact that a forward scoring a goal get you 4 points? Change it. Think assists should be worth more? Change it. Think a sending off is inexcusable and should be more harshly punished? You get the idea. It's completely up to you. Every one of our scoring criteria will be customisable.


The new features won't stop there, we're determined to ensure that you get the best draft fantasy football experience. We'll be adding even more panels into the dugout for you so that you'll be able to:


  • See who has been recently signed in your league.
  • You can track any bets made at the beginning of the season (and who is yet to pay).
  • You'll have a panel visible only to you for tracking potential targets.
  • Improvements on the priority transfer window,

We won't be resting on our laurels though and will continue to add improvements beyond this and even into the new season.

Expect more details about the above and how they'll work soon.

And don't forget, on top of these new features, we still have:

  • Player trading
  • Playoff or straight league
  • Improved draft console
  • Ability to draft offline
  • Ability to start after the start of the season
  • Improved head-to-head stats and form guide
  • Live scoring
  • Auto subs
  • Head-to-head tables
  • Chat window
  • Fixture lists
  • Optional transfer windows
  • User form guides


Thanks for your ongoing support of Real Fantasy Football. The game is now played in 6 out of 7 continents and with your enthusiasm, we can continue to improve. Please continue to spread the word (especially if you know anyone from Antarctica).



The Real Fantasy Football Team