These three weeks could be crucial to your season, starting tomorrow the fixtures fluctuate, and those unprepared could see their playoff dreams evaporate. As an example i’m currently second in my main league with 43 points. 3 wins over the next 3 weeks and i’m on 52, within touching distance of the likely playoff marker of 57 points by gw36. Lose over the next three weeks and the playoffs are far from a certainty.

Let’s take each week in turn, see what’s in store and how we can play the fixtures to our advantage:

GW26 – Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City and Southampton don’t have a game. You can put their players in your RealFF team, but you’ll get big fat zeros for them this week.  My advice is to try and make sure you can field 11 players, this’ll be a leg up on your less aware league mates. Tricky for a lot of squads as three of the teams not playing form part of the top 6, and therefore have a lot of owned players. Don’t be afraid to drop the secondary players from these teams, players like Iwobi and Lingard. You may well be able to pick them back up for gw27, and if you can’t there’ll be plenty of others who can adequately fill the gaps created.

KEY POINT TO NOTE – if you do drop players to ensure you field 11, try to avoid dropping your Man City men. I’ll come on to why in a moment.

If you’re really struggling and find yourself bottom of the league by at least 4 points you could even drop a superstar without a game this week e.g. Ibra, Aguero if needed. Not as crazy as it sounds, as you will have first priority in the transfer window. Therefore you can safely drop them, put them as your priority transfer, and get them back for gw27.

GW27 – This is where it gets a bit complex. If Manchester City beat Huddersfield in their FA cup replay next week their prem fixture with Stoke moves into gw27. This would give them, and Stoke, a double gameweek. Man City would be away at Sunderland and then home to Stoke. Stoke would have Middlesborough at home, and then be away at City. It’s highly likely this will happen, so my advice would be target midfielders and attackers from both sides for gw27. Wouldn’t bother too much with defenders, the decent City ones will already be owned and Stoke are unlikely to get more than one of two clean sheets.

GW28 – A very limited gameweek due to FA cup fixtures. The only likely fixtures are

Hull – Swansea, Everton-WBA, Bournemouth-West Ham, Liverpool-Burnley

Again just fielding players is the key, if you can get 11 out you’re likely to be way ahead of your opponent before you even start. All these 8 teams have a fixture in each of the next three weeks, so if you can pick up a free transfer or trade for one of their players do so.


The next three weeks are all about fielding as many players as possible, and taking advantage of the likely Man City and Stoke double gameweeks.

My advice would be to go after guaranteed starters from the following teams in preparation for GW26 – Everton, WBA, Hull, Swansea, Bournemouth, West Ham, Liverpool, Burnley

Then get in Man City and Stoke players for GW27 (assuming Man City beat Huddersfield)

Then drop the Man City and Stoke players for GW28, and go back to the Everton etc well mentioned above.

Good luck, here’s hoping fielding as many players as possible gets you (and me!) those three crucial wins. As always if you need any advice on trades or transfers in your RealFF journey, ask the Gaffer.