RFF Managers,

First of all thank you so much for all of your understanding on the current situation. Just goes to show that we have an incredible group of people on the site. We appreciate that.

So, here’s our clearest and cleanest path forward into the season:

-This evening, all squads and lineups will be set to what they were at 9 August, 1:00 AM BST.  This is the last full backup of our data before the first match.

-The first Gameweek will be run based on these lineups and rosters.

-Any drafts that have taken place since that time will be entered and restored by us.

-Should league managers want to include GW1 but there are incorrect results, we can update your league table manually next week. (All that will show incorrectly is the GW 1 result.)

-No waivers, free transfers, or trades will be processed until after Match Week 2 (8/20 10:30 PM BST). This ensures we can have a ‘clean run’ into Gameweek 2 and avoids any further complications. We appreciate this is not ideal, we all want Cancelo after all, but this is the safest way of ensuring we have a smooth GW2.\

-We expect to have everything ready for you to set your GW2 lineups by Friday at the latest. And then we expect GW2 to run smoothly. Hopefully the way we have responded to questions quickly this week throughout the issues gives you faith we’ll continue to improve. A lot of time has been put into GW1 firefighting, as it were.

We’ll be updating on our Social and in your Dugout as to our progress. Thanks again for your patience!