"From the thrills and anticipation of Draft Night to the tension and excitement of the Play-Offs, RFF has been an absolute revelation for fantasy football. The draft format lets you feel more attached to your team than ever before and with the added intrigue of transfers and trades, you're kept engaged from the minute the first whistle blows".

Jordan Cooper, Stourbridge, England. @JrdnCpr


"We have absolutely loved playing Real Fantasy Football this year! It has been engaging, competitive, and quite often dramatic. There was a telling moment mid season where Arsenal (my team) losing really didn't matter because a Sunderland clean sheet had just won me my match-up! The draft was a lot of fun and the fact that everybody has different players really gives it the edge over any other Fantasy Football."

Steve Mann, Essex, England. @DrSteveMann 


"The draft system and player trades add a level of excitement that you don't get with traditional fantasy football. You have to go so much deeper into the Premier League to uncover hidden gems and every single game matters. Everyone was hooked right to the final day with Chris Smalling's own goal being our very own "Aguerooooo" moment ultimately deciding the overall winner."

Niall McGuckin, Belfast, Northern Ireland@niallmcguckin


“Our league was tired of the same old boring crap of ‘sharing players’ with other EPL fantasy managers. RealFF’s draft style makes things so much more interesting, fun and most importantly, competitive.”

We have 40 players in our ‘combined leagues’ on RealFF that were sick and tired of sharing players in EPL fantasy. Draft style is the only way to go if you want a real competition that’s fun and stays interesting for the entire season."

Gerald Mortensen, Wisconsin, USA. @wiscomorty


"RFF is great fun. The draft kicks off the season brilliantly and the head-to-head format means that every week is important, and you always have a chance for bragging rights."

Garry Arnot, Edinburgh, Scotland. @CinePerspective


“I have taken part in a few football fantasies over the years but none like this, all others have been forgotten. It's been a great second year and has helped me focus on other aspects of the premier league rather than just my team. Winning this year felt so good...and they all laughed when I drafted in Vardy...now it's my party!!!”

Jack Peach, Staplehurst, England@jackpeachypeach


“Real FF is what all fantasy footy enthusiasts should be on. The draft system and format of Real FF is so much better than normal fantasy footy. Real FF have always got back to us with any issues or questions we’ve had. Will definitely be playing next year and encouraging other mates to do so!”

Chris, Cheshire, England.


"We have had a fantastic season playing RealFF in an 8 team league involving friends and family (me, my brother and sister) which made for some great weekly battles on the pitch and in the whatsapp group (some not suitable for printing unfortunately). It’s fair to say we have bought into RealFF in a big way and already had to turn people away from next seasons league."

Stephen @Bricki


"As someone who had shown no interest in the more traditional fantasy football game, RFF was a different, improved proposition. The fact that week on week the rivalries grew due to the unique fixture and points system is testament to a game which keeps you involved, regardless of how your season is going. A great game, peanuts to play and I'll be back for more!"

Alex, Newcastle, England @tfalex1892


"Extensive research lead me to find the best fantasy football draft game on the market. It has been a blast competing from the other side of the globe with such ease"

Liam Bednarski, Melbourne, Australia @liambednarski


"I'd looked through countless Fantasy EPL sites and Real Fantasy Football was the only one that had a drafting feature and incorporated 'Head-To-Head' style play so you can go against a different friend each week and up the competition; not to mention the unique trading feature that allows you to haggle and barter with your friends."

Max Sabo, Vermont, U.S.A.