• How Much does it cost?

    Real Fantasy Football will cost £4.99 per user for a whole season pass which is equivalent to just over 50p a month (and that's not even including the pre-season website access you'll get). This gets you access to the premium fantasy football game.

    For £4.99, you can buy:

    A couple of pints (depending on where you live)

    8 stamps

    A hopeful weekend accumulator

    James Blunt's first album


    A whole season of absolute complete unmitigated joy with your friends!

  • When do I have to pay?

    You won’t pay when you initially sign up. Payment will occur once you’ve had a play around with your draft order and had time to round up a few friends to join you.

  • Why does it cost?

    We're a startup business and as much as we'd like to keep it free, there are high costs associated with developing a premium new website and getting the data necessary to provide the best draft fantasy football experience for you.

    We don't want to cut any corners and in order to ensure you enjoy the best fantasy football game going, we have to charge a small amount that I'm sure you'll agree is reasonable - Just over 50p per month.


  • Why would I pay to play? Surely I can set this up by myself.

    We're a group of friends who tried to do this exact thing last season. We just about stumbled through to the end using another website, an excel spreadsheet and some quite frankly vicious emails to the next/previous person in the draft order explaining the time pressures of making their pick in time. We started out with dreams of transfer windows and trading but they quickly disappeared.

    The reality is that you and your friends would have to be the most organised people in the country to pull it off. And none of you would be allowed to go on holiday before the season starts. Or be unavailable at all. Our website offers solutions to all of this (plus extra features) filtering out the hassle and leaving you with the fun bits. We've got a season under our belts and been able to refine the game to make it the best experience for you.